Right before the pandemic, we foresaw that there would be a shortage of face masks, and thus we planned ahead and set up the RightPlus face masks production line in Tuen Mun. As our first fully-automated face masks production line delivered on 2020 Feb 24, our local face masks production officially began.

Product Features

Made In Hong Kong
We believe in the quality of “Made in Hong Kong”. Aiming at helping SMEs and organizations in the tough COVID-19 outbreak, RightPlus focuses on providing bulk purchase of 3-ply face masks for SMEs, NGOs and different organizations.
Production Lines
The whole production lines and processes, from sourcing materials to actual production, are managed by ISO13485 standard. RightPlus is also under the supervision of Hong Kong Government “Local Mask Production Subsidy Scheme”. All these processes and procedures ensured the masks could meet all the necessary standards.
Quality Certifications
RightPlus face masks passed the ASTM 2100 Level 1 standard certifications through the International Testing Center of Nelson Labs. This guaranteed >95% of particle filtration efficiency (PFE) and bacterial filtration efficiency (BFE).
1) 網上信用卡 (Visa或Master)
2) 銀行轉帳
BOC : 012-866-20037386
Platform Management Service Limited
3) FPS 轉數快
FPS識別碼: 167101476
Tel: 5242 1022
如使用銀行過帳或FPS,請在加入訂單後,進行轉帳,並把轉帳證明連同訂單號發到FB Inbox或Whatsapp 5242 1022。
1) 自取點 (免費)
- 屯門新安街18號怡華工業大廈4樓B室
(星期一至六 時間 0900 - 1900)
- 九龍新蒲崗雙喜街2-4號同德工業大廈6樓B8室
(星期一至五 時間 1200 - 1900)
2) 郵局取件(免費)
3) 順豐到付(自費)
如大量購買可在FB Inbox或Whatsapp 5242 1022與我們聯絡,安排其他運輸方式。
1) 自取點 (免費)
- 每周一晚上零晨截數
- 截數後周三起可以取貨
2) 郵局取件 (免費)
- 每周一晚上零晨截數
- 截數後周三起可以寄貨
3) 順豐到付(自費)
- 每周一晚上零晨截數
- 截數後周三起可以寄貨